Dedicated to the 4th of July

Let me overlook the present
and the recent past, let me pledge
the dream of a young mind, instead –
a mind that remembers names
like Thomas Paine, George Washington,
an officer in the stretched arms
of a feared King, trembling in fear
on the other side of the pond
and the Mason Knights like Franklin,
John Jay, Adams and Jefferson!

Is she not that golden land where
Blake’s Jerusalem, finally, was built,
on tidal waves of heroic blood, hunted
by corruption, lust and greed, from behind
of all the Kings, Queens and the Pope as well?

Is she not that world of dreams where
in Paine’s own words, ‘Law is the King’?
So, let the Law prevail and if
in them there are a few unfit
each of you has the thunderbolt
of Zeus in your humble hands, you can
use its power next time, casting your vote
enriching an Elephant or an Ass
with the thunderbolts vested powers combined
and elect a better Zeus for the human world.

Well, if Asses and Elephants
have become each a Cronus for the realm,
perhaps the time has come for looking otherwise!




10 thoughts on “The United States of America

  1. Reblogged this on Poetry and commented:

    This being the presidential election year in USA, reposting this old piece. Best of luck for electing the better Zeus (that is the call sign of the POTUS according to Hollywood) from the ultimate contenders.


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