Answers to questions from BuddhistPoetry, a fellow blogger!

  • If you are a butterfly what would be your favourite tree to go and hide yourself in ?

: If I’m a butterfly, I’ll be a foolish one, not to hide but to bask in the shining sun! To sleep, any tree will do and any with flowers will be my favorite ones.

  • What sort of path would you want to walk upon ? A. a one that leads through a forest    B. a one that leads through an open field      C. a one that would lead through a rocky mountain      D. a quiet street Why ?

: I would love to walk on all four as all of them would provide me what I look for during a walk, solitude. But if I must make a list of preference for seven days of a week with only one option per day it will be ABCDABA. It is because the solitude is to me at its purest form in a forest, A is repeated. D is too common to be even considered among the other options, that is why it is in the middle to act as a relief. C is too barren, which B is not but still it is too plain.

  • What would you like to watch on top of a mountain ? A sun rise or a sun set ? Why ?

: Both, for I believe seeing one without the other is only half of the circle or the picture, incomplete, despite all the grandeur.

  • If you have just one minute to live ? What would you do ?

: Think of my probable union with God.

  • Describe in three words or less the “crescent moon”

: Unfortunately I recently read an awesome poem on the crescent moon by a fellow blogger MOONSKITTLES @ WordPress. All the images coming to my mind about a crescent moon are from that poem. The only words with even a shred of originality are “Tidal Waves”, perhaps because of the moon’s influence on it.

  • When walking on a rainy day without shoes, what is your favourite thing ?    A. The feeling of mud      B. The feeling when crossing puddles       C. The feeling of wet grass         D. Yuck…None of the above

: C.

  • If someone taps at your door and says that he is god, what would you do ?

: Embrace him and see if it’s true!

  • If you see a falling star and someone says to make a wish, what would that be ?

: I want to be where that star falls. (I hope I’m allowed to be this frank.)

  • Who will be your most respected person if you are to have dinner with someday?

: Right now, it’s Evelyn Underhill.

  • You have just won the Nobel prize for literature. and you are to give a speech of  ten words. What would those be ?

: I urge readers to feel not just read my words! (You did not even give me enough words for a ‘Thanks’!)

10 thoughts on “Answers to questions from BuddhistPoetry, a fellow blogger!

        1. in peace… last night one of the ancient wisdoms came true for me…. in brief I realized that in deed if one is calm enough, one can be like the eye even when a storm is raging overhead… and your questions were enlightening!

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