Who Am I? (3)

‘Who am I?’ is a question I have often heard
and asked myself too. My first thoughts so far
had always labeled me to be the envious kind,
for I have always been envious of too many –
the disciples of Heraclitus and
Socrates or Plato, the companions
of all the Prophets, sent so far, both great and small
but I envy the most, those who found the clear path!

Then on second thoughts, I realized it’s jealousy!
Am I not jealous of those who have had union
with God for once that became forever?
How I wish my wings were as strong as theirs!

But our thoughts are relentless and so is
the image of myself, once it can define me!

Well, in a single breath of my thought I am
nothing less than a thief, a beggar, a pervert
and a homicidal maniac, at least!
Have I not vowed to steal the wealth, amassed
from poverty by corruption and avarice?
Have I not begged for peace every now and then?
I have dreamed of mutilating the genitals
of all the rapists and child molesters
and dreamed too of killing the tyrants of this world.

In the end all I might ever be able to say
is this, you have to come out and see for yourself,
for even if I knew, what we were, I could never tell!




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