We were in the Eden of God
and there we had it all, they say,
surrounded by the eternal Absolute
but soon both Eve and Adam grew curious,
like any human child would grow
and we were cast down to this world,
separated from our divine self,
the purest of all our labors of love!

So we pine and pine even more
for what was lost and never let our thoughts
dwell upon what was gained by humankind
in exchange of that tragedy!

Well, I say earth is better than
the great Eden of God, for there
just because It is visibly present,
at least more than here, we could never find
what does Absolute truly mean!
Yet on Earth we can seek and strive
to know what It is from the rare glimpses
of a love or beauty, one step nearer
to perfection than the average lot,
so if we truly want, perhaps we would, some day!

As our eyes can better see light in darkness and
in the shining sun, darkness is most brightly laid!



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