Read ‘For Evelyn Part 1’

Dedicated to Evelyn Underhill

… Once there I was amazed
at how dark the place looked,
though it was not darkness
but from a blindness in excess of light!

There were sounds too but they
felt like silence to human ears!

There my wings felt heavier
from the gravity of my baser self,
ever busy pulling me down
to my sensible existence of the world!

So I came down but not before
witnessing God in His
invisible entirety, diffused through
the universe and all the things
that has, may or will ever come to pass
but the Creator is veiled from us
by the creature that dwells within
the crevices of our ignorant minds!

Perhaps that is why we know Him
by so many names, though I have seen
the God of Christians, Muslims and the Jews,
the God of Hindus, Buddhists and
the Pagans too, each exalted by
His followers but by others’ debased
with equal conviction and zealotry,
are but One and the Absolute!    



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