Part I: The Creation
[Written on December 23, 2012]

At the beginning of time when there was
no matter anywhere, no universe,
there appeared a particle of infinite
energy and with a bang there was light.


The continuum of space and time began,
and the new universe started to expand.
Since then the universe has been doing so,
ever red on the sailor’s telescope
while many stars have faded to oblivion
by now and galaxies too in billions.


By the source of that particle I am awed,
you may call it whatever, I shall call it God!
Deep in my heart I know that from God we have come
and in the end to God again we must return!

Part II: The Universe
[Written on August 25, 2013]

The realm of tangibility,
comprised of things that we can touch or feel,
is nothing but the visible tip
of an iceberg called, the universe.

The world of human senses or
even the grand Milky Way of our thoughts
is nothing but a grain of sand,
to the universe, had it been a desert land.

This universe is the primordial being
created by the God or Nature, for even
the odyssey of time and space began
one full ‘Planck time’ later than its creation.

* ‘Planck time’ = (5.32 × 10 to the power -44) Seconds which is the briefest physically meaningful span of time.

Part III: The Origin of Time and Space
[Written on September 25, 2013]

Before the origin of time and space,
before the spreading of the universe began,
the grandest scheme of creation was conceived
by the Existence, beyond our trivial perception.

In fact, if we can perceive anything
untainted from subjective inference remains,
in our thoughts, still an issue, unresolved,
with explanations both in favor and against.

Some have claimed that humans are nothing but
the vectors of what their senses have felt so far
while others have called life an illusion
and human beings, mere puppets in the Creator’s whims.

Living in the grand world of time and space,
thinking in a language restrained by them as well,
can we ever perceive their origin?
Can a buried corpse behold the shape of its marble tomb?




7 thoughts on “A Trilogy on Creation

    1. thanks a lot! though honestly I wrote them in different years and their complimentary characters were unnoticed by me until now. only today when I was following the related posts suggested by WordPress, I felt bringing these three together will let me portray a more complete picture. thus this trilogy was compiled. if there is any praise for it, it belongs to wordpress.

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            1. no, of course not! you resemble the national poet of Bangladesh Kazi Nazrul Islam (though mostly ignored for his writings of Shyama Sangeet, hymnal songs praising the Hindu goddess Kali. Nazrul hailed from Churulia in west Bengal. personally I hold him with more esteem than the Nobel laureate Thakur. and btw, Thakur is also one of the greatest poets the world has ever produced.

              Liked by 1 person

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