My name is Golam Wahedur Rahman. My colleagues and friends call me Amit. I was born in 1980 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After completing my higher secondary schooling I went to Singapore for a Diploma Graduation on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

After two broken marriages, a BA Honors in English and a ragged career as a software engineer and a broadcast journalist I have opted to take writing as my sole endeavor of life.

I welcome you all to my humble blog! I hope my poems will not offend you in any way! See, I am a believer of all the religions. I am in absolute love with Jehovah, God, Allah and Brahma and I absolutely adore Zeus, Socrates, Confucius, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. So to any believer of a single creed, my words may sound blasphemous and even heretic. if that be the case you have my earnest apology in advance!

In brief, I am a loner, to the world an outsider forever, walking on the lonely path of life. Yet I love to see and lead life to its lees and I love reading English poetry.


29 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. I loved your poems, it was straight from the heart and so many things that i could relate to!! I dont think you are a loner, one has too many sides of oneself in the head and heart to be occupied with all the time 🙂 We are here your blogging family , Always! 🙂 Stay happy and positive friend.
    Peace and cheers!

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  3. Thank you for this. I enjoy reading your postings and in a world that feels more and more disconnected, it’s refreshing to be reminded about the person behind the words, and that you are real and your words are powerful. Thanks for making yourself real! Peace, Harlon

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  4. It’s the loner : You are the specifics . Why? They do not occur in the footsteps of the ordinary , they did not enter the rooms , entering the superficial .
    The depth is in the fountain .
    Hardly anyone dares to descend .
    I look forward to your texts !

    best regards

    (Übersetzung ins Deutsche: Es sind die Einzelgänger: Sie sind die Besonderen. Warum? Sie treten nicht in die Fußspuren der Alltäglichen, sie betreten nicht die Räume, die die Oberflächlichen betreten.
    Die Tiefe liegt im Brunnen.
    Kaum einer wagt sich, hinabzusteigen.
    Ich freue mich auf Deine Texte!

    Liebe Grüße

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              1. Google also helps me , I confess 🙂 .
                Yes , Germany is the place of romance and literature : Goethe , Schiller , Heine and many more . But the world is cold , more and more . I suffer from this ” flood ” of spiritual poverty .

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  5. It is nice when a blogger decides to share of themselves. It makes it more real and consolidates a bond that may not have taken place this far. Thank you for your courage to share of yourself. To most people it is not easy of it becomes fearful for them to do so. Be well Amit.

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    1. I am immensely indebted to your encouraging words! I agree with you that laying oneself bare is difficult but only when one has things to lose. I, my friend, on the other hand have lost everything and nothing more to lose. and since then the more I strip myself out of the made up faces, the more in peace of mind I find myself. my humble gratitude for bearing with me!

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  6. LOvely to read about you Amit. Every person has his own tale of ups and downs which makes him unique from the rest. We are ,what we make of ourselves and what we appreciate being! It has been good to read your poems which are straight from heart without any hindrances and makeover’s. Best wishes.

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