Guess you sleep fitfully at night,
for how can you sleep with peace in your mind,
with so much innocent blood on your hands!
Well, you’d say, “I can’t understand”!
But of course that is what your nature is,
ignorant and yet, so self important!


Yes, you, men and women of dress,
of uniforms, stately though transgressed,
entrusted with the baton of law and peace,
the human hands of blind Justice
but no, you uphold the influence and wealth,
like the oligarchs of an extinct world!


Come and redeem yourself and rectify!
Come, each of you and join the humankind!





14 thoughts on “Uniforms

  1. very honest and strong humanly message for the uniforms not for the person in the uniform as he is the slave to follow orders. I wish human beings take off uniforms and all other such human damaging things to share care and spread harmony, but i know it wont happen——— hatred and war and lust for money and power will continue till the Day of Judgment

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