The Sweet Music *

The soft music, like dewy mist
diffused through the large room,
across the overlapping dark and light –
“I am not disappointed, O life,
though I am all but spent!
All your queries, too innocent,
have driven me weary to my bones!” –
The night was silent, as nights often are!


The potent lyrics were soon no more words
but each a new drop of tears, bright
from a pair of wide, raining eyes,
turning the darkness more yellow, singing –
“Whenever you have made me smile,
that delight was a mere debt from you on my lips!”



* Last night I was listening to the following Hindi song and came up with a partial translation

Song: Tujhse Naaraz Nahi Zindagi
Film: Masoom
Singer: Anoop Ghosal
Music: R. D. Burman
Lyrics: Gulzar

Part Translated:

  1. Tujhse Naaraaz Nahiin Zindagi
    Hairaan Hoon Main
    O Hairaan Huun Main
    Tere Masum Sawaalon Se Pareshaan Hoon Main
    O Pareshaan Hoon Main
  2. Muskuraauun Kabhii To Lagataa Hai
    Jaise Honthon Pe Karz Rakhaa Hai

17 thoughts on “The Sweet Music *

  1. HHere’s the second verse of the song. I have attempted my best to translate it into English. Some feelings, I’m sure you’ll agree, cannot be literally translated. So, I have taken the liberty of changing the nuances without letting the meaning get lost.

    2. Jeene Ke Liye Sochaa Hi Nahi Dard Sambhaalane Honge
    Muskuraaye To, Muskuraane Ke Karz Utarne Honge
    Muskuraauun Kabhii To Lagataa Hai Jaise Honthon Pe Karz Rakhaa Hai

    Never had I imagined
    I would have to go through heartaches to be able to live
    That I would have to pay the price for smiling
    That whenever I smile, I would feel Like
    These lips have loaned that smile!

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  2. The song is from the movie that is a Hindi adaptation of Eric Segal’s Man, Woman and Child. I must congratulate you on the accuracy of the translation you have done. It’s perfect and so beautifully done. I’m quite tempted to write the second verse of the song and attempt to translate it into Hindi for your perusal.

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