A Thick Veil Of Opaque Mist

… an old poem…


How do you hang on to your life,
when you know there is no going back?
When you know there is no reprieve,
can you carry on with the pain,
that gnaws at your heart from inside
and dulls the worn out neurons in your brain?

When a thick veil of opaque mist,
from horizon to horizon,
shrouds the land and the sky too dark,
can you still glide yourself back home,
the place where you have left your heart,
shivering in cold darkness, all alone?

Here I am, in life, heading down
a blind alley, bruised and battered,
bleeding from wounds, exposed and invisible.
If I can survive the night on my own,
I do not know, neither can I recall
my way home, being charmed by the opaque veil!

How can I live until the sun has broken through
the mist, to paint the sky a sparkling shade…

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