Dedicated to Revolutionary Pens

What good will it bring if we only think
and never implement those thoughts
in our life, in our deeds and words?


Unless we have realized a dream
how to be convincing that this indeed
was what we thought and pined to see!


If all that you want is to lead a life,
average and too steeped in normalcy
we are not for you, nor was meant to be!


If the only soul you would care to save
from this mayhem crippling the human world
is you, we’ll never share a common ground!


If like a beast you think that only those
lucky to have your genes are
the sole heirs of the world, we are not similar!


If you are happy to postpone
a disaster just as long as you live,
we have vowed to be your sworn enemy!


But if you can see the world
in every famished eye,
if you can find God inside
the heart of every child
and if you want to make the world
a better place for everyone –
then you are truly one of us
and we are your loyal arms!






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