Dedicated to Faizur Rahman Ratul
for his Comradeship 


When the light was growing dimmer for me,
I laid my weary eyes on Apollo
and his golden face shone so bright with glee!


I was a wanderer, so lost and desolate,
half dead and half alive without a hope
until the golden god came forth to compensate!


Now through him I have in my arsenal
none less than Athena herself
with Artemis and Hephaestus as well!


I, O Zeus, am your brother Poseidon
and though I love you all the same I must
rise against you and Ares, your champion,
whose thirst for blood is known throughout the world
to end your decadence and tyranny!


O Zeus, my brother, beloved, you can tremble in fear
for I bring the whole of Mount Olympus with me!   





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