At last I have found the way I must tread upon,
the path almighty God has sent me down to walk,
on a backward running clock, where the past alone
is revealed while the future remains in the dark! 

Almost two scores of years have passed since the day
I was born, a helpless and tiny human child,
then my mother fed and nurtured me, though in pain
herself, like a demigod, fierce yet no less mild
and my father earned the sustenance for us both,
while they taught me to be both innocent and wild!

Well, no I have not forgotten my helpless years
and so till they are laid to rest I shall be here
but then I must depart, for I have found my dream,
to spread the fair light where no light has ever been!

Yes, I had wives too, I know but can you call
a woman a man’s wife, when she does not even
comprehend, let alone interpret his simple thoughts,
be honest and frank and let me know if you can!
Do you know that years ago I had a child too,
until it died out of breath, turning steel and blue!

So, once I have buried all that is revealed so far,
to tread on the path shown to me, I must depart
and respond to the insistent calls of my dream – 
to spread the fair light where no light has ever been!

Until I too shall be laid to rest when the time
runs out in that preset clock, we have termed as life!




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