Steeped in a semi drunkenness I dreamed
of her, as the seconds stretched into hours,
the sweetness, emanating from her petite limbs
enveloped me like music from a divine lyre!


How swiftly did I forget, if I was
still alive or dead, as if life itself
became suspended from a fine thread of who knows what
and my dreams dumped behind a prehistoric shelf!


Were they teardrops running down from my eyes,
though I felt a curve around my lips too?
It’s an irony that bitterer was the smile,
while my transparent teardrops tasted like sweet sorrows!


Come and revive me from this semi drunkenness of death,
I have dreamed for long enough, now I ought to come alive!




19 thoughts on “Come, Revive Me

    1. if there were 16 billion cloned copies of your eyes and every earth dweller had them as theirs, I would have been the most popular poet in the world! how can I be thankful or grateful enough?!

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