Though my tears are too transparent to see,
must you never look for it on my chin?
Must you never feel how the raging wind
change its color and the wild smell, outside
from sunny yellow to a gloomy grey,
from fire to earth when touched by drops of rain?


Have you ever wondered why the clouds cry?
Who fills them to their brims with tears and why?
You must look southward, look towards the sea!
There, in its saline depth you shall find me,
along its length and breadth you can discern
my tears as foamy waves on the run!


Yes, I know my tears were too transparent to see
but had you ever sought them, even in your dreams?





24 thoughts on “Transparent Tears

  1. Those crystal clear tears which save the soul, sometimes are the hardest to notice.. you’ve taken them to a higher level my dear friend! What a beautiful poem!

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                    1. the depth of heart is indeed one of the few things I truly crave. so this has reverberated a very memorable note through my world, which I shall cherish for the rest of my life and perhaps in my grave too if that happens to be possible.

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                    2. no wonder, the moon was scarlet last night. btw, one of these days I have to compile your comments and publish a poem titled, “Ode to A Poet from His Mentor Friend”… they are way too tempting. My sincerest regards!

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                    3. ahh.. sparkling.. 😀
                      I have an old account but I have not been using it in a long time… I honestly do not have too much time on my hands right now..

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