I Am Thought



The silent night was dark and cold.
I was returning from my day’s errand
along an almost empty road
that I had seldom used before.
Though the winter was still a month away
the drying wind had an early chill
that rattled the core of my bones
and I hurried on a pair of weary legs.
When I was about halfway down the road
I saw an eerie shade of light, burning red,
which was not too far, so I said,
“I ought to take a look at that!”
and there I found a bleeding girl, too pale.
It was the glow of her blood on the ground
that I mistook for the eerie light.
She was bleeding but still alive
so I carried her in my quivering arms
all the way down to my humble place.
Once there I checked her up and down
and could see a lot…

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