Why do I lose my sleep time and again,
despite being burned relentlessly,
with no shred of guilt or remorse?
Why do I seek fulfillment in a face,
despite being scorned so brazenly,
when my love was humble or too meek?


Why do I lose my sleep on endless nights,
for things both supposedly great and small,
as dust like as my feelings and the world?
Why in those eyes I come across my destiny?


In the end, after the desserts and life,
after three thousand years of wondering,
all I know is that I know nothing, save we come
from a place to where in death we all must return!




14 thoughts on “A Synthesis

  1. As the world turns off, our mind turns on and visions that have left an impression on us come to befriend or befiend us. Your sonnet is such an excellent strive to grasp and understand.
    Beautiful and inspiring as always dear Amit! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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