The chant that I keep hearing at
the golden gate of my dreams says,
“O God, let them see through my face,
let them see the real me, my worthlessness!”

Then a voice roars, asking me, “Tell us why?”
My heart stops beating for a while
at the suddenness and how far the voice
penetrates my soul and me!

“I have pushed too much far away
by myself alone, have acted on
too many roles until yesterday”,
the chant in vigor starts again,
“but how many oceans I still must sail
before, for once and all, I can sleep in the sand?”

 “Be with them, ” now the voice cries, “the dreamers,
scattered across the yonder vale!”
The din is so loud that I am impaled on it,
waking me from sleep with a shudder, in a fit
as my heart takes over the raw nerves of my brain,
I retort, o no please God, if not you, leave me alone!




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