For my Saraswati


I see the outline of your face
where the tree lines converge on the sky,
the shape of a heart, painted blue, white and green!
Tried to see through your eyes that saw the frame
but all I smelled was the soft queen of spade
in your veins, my dear goddess of enlightenment! 

I tried so hard but mortal eyes can never see
what you framed with ease and a graceful piety!
But tell me please, what lies after that turn ahead!
And should I feel ecstatic or in grief be sad?

Come on now and be my light that you truly are!
Come on and burn down the dome of my sepulcher,
where my feelings and love of spirits are entombed!
Please come and take my hand to save me from this doom!



Image Credit: Soumya

4 thoughts on “A Heart Blue, White and Green

  1. Humbly touched by your gesture of articulating in sincere of expressions and verse. Your deciphered and added a new horizon to the image which was clicked randomly . Nature does show us ways and images of hope and light. Thanks again Amit

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