A humble birthday gift for Nandita Manan @ https://mananunleashed.wordpress.com/

for her love of Kohl!


Of late, I keep staring at her kohled eyes and think,
if human beings are born to die alone!
Of course a picture can never reply
but still I keep waiting to hear some words from her!

After a while a voice speaks out from deep inside,
telling me that company is nothing
but a grand illusion we love to have around,
often at the cost of our self esteem!

“Look at the clouds!”, it carries on, “See how they float
across the sky, effortless and resigned
to the fluctuations of the summer wind
and no light from the earth below can stain their souls…

And if you give you must give as they do!”,
the exhorting whisper continues, “You should not
expect anything in return…”, then the voice stops
and I can see the truth in those words, clear and plain,
while the kohl colored clouds shed their sorrows,

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