See, Paris burns, so is Damascus but
the heavy stink of burning human flesh,
does it smell different in anyway!
Do the bereaved mothers’ grief and the tears
of an orphaned son look different in
separate religions or continents?


Vilifying dreams to make the evil just,
what peace, what god made by mere men endorsed
these violence and atrocities against
the human species and their divided world?


Can we ever have harmony or God until
the world powers stop arming their vested causes with
laundered money, chemicals, boots and machine guns?
What if like France and Syria, the world starts to burn!





5 thoughts on “What Peace, What God

  1. Bravo! Couldn’t resist posting one of mine along similar lines…

    When brothers kill brothers
    in the name of religion
    When humanity is forgotten and we become slaves of self inflicted prison
    When a hundred rivers of bloody tears start flowing
    Whose blood was it? Whose tears? There’s no way of knowing

    You ripped me to bits, I hacked you into pieces
    Do you think our Gods laughed and made happy faces?
    When will we understand we are the same, only called by a different name
    What legacy are we leaving behind for our children, we should hang our head in shame

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