The Line between the real
and my dreams is growing thinner
everyday! As each moment passes me by
my real life seems more like a stagnant illusion,
while dreams become more vivid and alive!
There was a time, when I could move
back and forth from one to another but
now I can no more, gone
are all the senses of my direction!


Now my dreams are heavenly
while the real life burns like hell,
so which is the dream can you tell,
when the day is hazy like a painting
in water colors changing shade,
from the dark of the night
to the dawn’s light, so pale!
Or when there are a million sunrises
and sunsets too, with the dawn breaking, when
I see her face and the sun drowning back again
in silent moans of red when she departs.
Can you tell the real from the dream apart?
The Line’s fading but the Wall is getting higher!


How can I exchange the real me
for my dreams, I wonder,
in the end will it come
through a complete surrender or my death! 






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