Wish I could cry out at the top
of my heart and say I love you,
until my throat could wail no more!
But I know no matter how hard I try,
my shouts will never pierce your ears,
wish their reverberations would!


Wish I had wings to spread and fly
to play hide and seek with the world,
until my wings could flap no more!
But I know no matter how fast I go
my flights will never touch your skin,
wish my thoughts could warm you at least!


Wish I had the means and strength to uproot
the mount Everest of deceptive greed,
so the human world ran the way it should
but all I have is a humble pen that bleeds!


In the end, I’m just a poet who writes,
the rest is an illusion which they call my life!






8 thoughts on “I’m Just A Poet

  1. Never say “I’m just a poet”. It’s not a good idea to offend Poetry. Unless you realize, what a priceless gift it is, you will never find your poetry.

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    1. hahahaha…. I can almost see you with a wrinkled forehead. I understand your concern too but have faith. I’m nothing but a poet and I cannot offend myself. The line, “I’m just a poet…” is an allusion to Bob Dylan. Once he was being interviewed by a group of reporters who asked him to label himself as either a Poet, a Musician or a Singer, he replied, “I’m just a guitar player…” …. but I do apologize to you and Poetry if I have offended you in my ignorance! Godspeed!

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