Dedicated to Medusa*
for the gross injustices she faced
from both men and gods.


From the deepest layer of an ocean dark,
rose a mighty Kraken to siege the earth
and extinguish the hearth of human race
from the world’s emerald and azure face!


His shadow, even larger than his bulk
rose with him to render a glorious day
as dark as a night with no moon or stars
or when the moon is full and bleeding red!


Human beings in large packs and fleets had fled
to save themselves from his raging limbs,
leaving royal palaces and towns barren,
as if they were constructed in my bare dreams!


I was at the other end of the world,
in peace and happiness with my consort,
that pretty woman with the serpent hair,
the fatal and alluring Medusa!


The ugly Kraken could have never found
the place where we had built our tiny home
but we had enough so we turned around
and faced the mighty Kraken on our own!


I had the lyre of poetry in my hand
and Medusa, her poisoned dart and bow
I faced his wrath upon the desert sand
while she let her petrifying looks to flow!


Well, I was no match being a mortal man
but she was a Titan in her own right,
so, aided by me she had the upper hand
and we were surely winning the fight!


O, then he wounded me with a mortal cut
just before she could look into his eyes,
which made the Kraken turn into a stone,
I saw this as I breathed my last and died!


Once more a lover’s blood
and life had the human world saved,
though Medusa returned
to her old haunting self again!






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