But have I been living two parallel lives,
since the night I was born and soiled the world
with my humble birth, one in darkness
and the other in light? Perhaps, you cannot tell,
perhaps you will not even if you can,
perhaps I am a mortal man!
Have I been waiting for God to arrive?
Have I sinned in dreaming of heavens in my hell?


Perhaps I have, perhaps I was predestined to
but what if the real world grew dark, out of the blue!
So, I have darkness in my eyes while my dreams are
full of melodies, full of bright hues and colors,
more real than the realities of their sensual realms.
My life is dark but I still have faith in my dreams!






10 thoughts on “Parallel Lives

  1. Dreams are the reflections of our desires
    When the world around is bleak dreams rescue us from our mires
    So keep on dreaming, never stop believing
    For after the cold cruel night, the sun does come out shining!

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