Can I lay my touch on you, o goddess divine,
as the dewdrops of Autumn drench a vine,
with feather touches, to its core,
though content still not without the craving for more?


I can remember the sweetest of dreams last night,
charming me, when sleep held these eyes
spellbound in awe at the tenderness of your love,
like the Sunshine in Winter days,
a thing, despite all we can never have enough,
even that dream yearned to lay its touch on your face!


So I humbly pledge these words writ in Autumn dew
to fly to you, o dear goddess divine
and touch your face before the Winter Sun
renders them unsung, to make you forever mine!






3 thoughts on “In Autumn Dew

  1. This gorgeous poem will make the reader wake up to find, dew under their own eyes.. Love the hopeless romantic plea of the speaker, and the thrill of personification.

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