The other day as I rode through the sky
on my chariot, drawn by the Pegasus,
I saw the Sun was not glowing as bright
as she glowed when her smile came from the heart!


I reined in the mighty beast beside her
to enquire why had she been feeling down,
the world below must have her light and warmth,
unless she wants them all killed with her frown!


Well she spoke but in whispers, delicate,
so I could hardly discern what was in her mind,
nor could I diagnose her mind’s current state,
though it’s about Jupiter, that much I realized!


His insolence I knew was so often too much,
so often, in pride, his due orbit he forgot
and claimed to be both the divine king and the church
though being nothing more than just a lump and a knot!


So my darling sun, do keep shining on, alright!
If you are ever blue or down
look at my mirror for once and
behold yourself in the grandeur of your own light!
(The light that keeps them warm!)
(The light that keeps the world alive!)






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