As I waited for the curtains to come down,
I started wondering, can we ever ride against
the flow of time and return to the day,
to that precise point of time when it all began!
When did it start and how, the beginning
of the mundane wonder, we call the human mind?


So, I uttered the magic words that reverse time
and went back forty thousand years ago,
an age when the Cro-Magnons were pitting their wits
against the broad bulk of the Neanderthals,
in the first of many wars between brain and brawn
across Europe and its western shores!


I looked at my bare hands and limbs and saw
light grey beads on a string hanging down from my neck,
and on my headband a feather was fixed
that had to come from a warm colored bird for sure!


It felt as if I was wearing a statement
of matters, the beads and the bright feather
perhaps to say that I am a man of some worth,
brandishing an antler spear in my hand!


Well then it hit me hard and right on my face too,
this statement of the horn, feather and
that hanging string of gemlike beads I had on me,
is by all means the most ancient kind of poetry,
the one that later flourished into words,
then much later into meters and motifs too!


So, now I know it all began with the onset of art,
when the sense of aesthetics found a place in human heart!






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