The sun is shining bright,
although like when you try
to say something and I can
hear nothing, only see your lips
moving in silence, deafening,
despite the glaring glow of the bright sun,
I feel no warmth, as if it was nothing
except a painted sun upon a painted sky!


Perhaps you have felt the dark clouds
and reveled in their promises,
sometimes they keep their words
but mostly they would pass you by!
You see, mother Nature has it preordained,
where she will have her sun, where she would rain.


But I curse thee, mother Nature, however hard you try
I’ll always see a painted sun or rain upon a painted sky!  




Image Credit: Dena Tollefson



10 thoughts on “Upon A Painted Sky

  1. I really like the mixed sensory details here – “the sun deafening” is definitely a great line.
    I love the idea of artificiality and the desire for just a piece of real thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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