Yes, I have brought her home again,
to ravish my sinning soul, spur it on
towards the dark crevices of my heart,
where nothing from the past remains!


Yes, I have let her in my blood again,
to spread across my limbs, bones and mind
to poison my thoughts with a rage,
that’s darker than the darkest pits of Hell!


Now her potency is in my brittle veins,
on its way back to my lone heart,
I feel so vividly the emptiness
it has taken to and left at my limbs!


She is from the same stuff as dreams,
this I can proclaim most certainly from  
the way she let me transcend to the state,
where nothing is the way it seems!




Image Credit: Kate Reece

26 thoughts on “Yes, I Have!

        1. Your being a poet is a grand rebellion in itself against the ‘Angel in the House’ according to Virginia Woolf. So I guess whatever you write ought to be tinged with rebellion either with vehemence or subtlety, no? Looking forward to read the poem on your blog.

          Liked by 1 person

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