There are paths in life one must walk alone,
roads of night, too uncertain or unsafe
to hold the cherished hands of the beloved,
when a poor soul is forced to traverse them!


Do not think that one does not wish or crave
for the warm company and care of love
on those dark and perilous voyages but
the weal of beloved is more painful than
the mighty pangs and woes of solitude,
walking down an arduous and ugly route!


Thus being alone is so much better than
putting the precious beloved in harm’s way
and hope to see her on the other side
once the night succumbs to an easy day!






40 thoughts on “Being Alone

    1. 😀 yes a debate where I shall gladly be the proponent every time, even when I’m beaten, scorned, dumped, betrayed or even abused…. I have my faith on Love 🙂 of course you are welcome to denounce yours.

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        1. hahahaha…. perhaps my being a libra explains my near blind faith in love despite the heartbreaks and hardships… and proofs ought to be on your way, for otherwise the theory that human beings are created in pairs will be jeopardized!

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          1. Haha n that would be sad wouldnt it..??
            I mean we people are down on the idea of know we be like..nobody picking up my phone well there will be somone just waiting for me..incomplete..
            (Dreamy eyes)×100
            N ur a libra na..god this sign never falls out of love even when they are ‘out’ of love :p

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  1. Achingly beautiful..
    Your words are powerful for they are the perfect portrayal of the strongest possible human
    Lovely..keep writing..
    Ps I went through other posts of you and they are absolutely beautiful
    And refreshingly!!

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        1. well, what I believe is that there is a stark difference between love and our desire to possess exclusively… if by love we mean rights, control and commitment, it is undoubtedly an illusion. True love is akin to the way we are loved by our Creator, so we have air to breathe and water for drinking, regardless of our commitments or the Creator’s rights. Moreover, the epithet “true” in front of “love” is absolutely redundant, because if it isn’t true, it isn’t love in the first place. So MY answer to your wondering would be, love and only love can never be an illusion, everything else is! Let me know what you think!


          1. I agree to what you said.. TRUE love is certainly a thing strong enough to be the purpose of life..
            But dont mind my ignorance for I hope I am wrong..
            But the creator would for sure make is much more unconditional and pure in itself if it was to be a thing so our dreams of a soul mate and connection..
            I think is just a merry lie..

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              1. Ya n thats what I hold on for my defination of love..where you two are just so busy..too engrossed in each two parts of a soul finnnaly joined together..
                That you just simply know it is only love n nothing more..
                But achingly I say..its not anywhere to be seen..whatever we see is what we want to see..

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