See, love and only love can never be
an illusion of any sort. Love is
the first principle that made this universe
alight, some fourteen billion years ago!


The Creator, the Energy in the bang,
equals to the Mass of the universe,
which is the mass of the creation as well,
times square of the Constant speed of light!


The Creator, a Poet, we are the poetry;
a Painter and we are the painted canvas –
see the symmetry in everything,
even in entropy and destruction!


O but we, in our pride of ignorance,
name all that fall beyond our comprehension as love!
So our desire to possess, to control,
only to own and not belong are being named thus!


But true love is incompatible with all of these
and even the epithet ‘true’ is redundant,
for there is just one kind of love in existence,
if one has free air to breathe, one knows it firsthand!





Image: True Love by maril1

8 thoughts on “The Only Kind of Love

        1. I hope in time you shall. Perhaps when you come across your soul mate and/or feel that connection with another soul. Of course whether you will be able to spend your life with your soul mate is a different issue… 😀

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