Inspired by Kunal Thakore’s brilliant poem,


Fie on them, ah fie on those evil hands!
Hands that cleaved the earth with their cunning quills
to reign over the divided world from far,
in the name of progress and assistance!


Imperials they were, some keeps repeating
but I say, devils with faces of men,
how can they be anything less with deeds,
graver than the gravest atrocities!


Behold the line that cuts into pieces,
this vast and peaceful sub continent,
cruelly into some three incomplete parts,
courtesy of Radcliffe, the buffoon knight!


And now one fifth of the world’s populace
live by that line, so fie on us as well!


Image: Vikramjits


5 thoughts on “Fie On Us

    1. Wish we could collaborate …. need to study about the Sykes Picot… thanks or the heads up… and this is like a sequel to your piece and sequels can never be better than the original ones … 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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