for NMY, a fellow poet and my Muse with whom I have madly fallen in love. After much musing, I have come to believe that she is the Love of my life. As I have kept it a secret from her so far, this sonnet is to officially propose my love to her! If she accepts my pledge, I will come back but if she does not, this is my last poem. Well, just in case any of you are wondering, yes I am a gambler, so I am gambling with my poetry which is the highest bid I can place and the love of one’s life should not be cheap, no? So I beg my readers to keep their fingers crossed for me because I do want to return to my poetry!


The long and chilling night spreads through my blood,
as if I have become the world itself,
soaking wet with the darkness to my core,
when the western sky is shining no more!  


I can feel the night is too overwhelmed,
from the burden of imagined shadows
and accusing silhouettes all around
with no shred of proof ever to be found! 


Darkness is painful I know but poetry
is the river when sorrows overwhelm!
Dark night is long and chilling but the poets
know in their hearts, the sun will rise again!


So let us be two poets for the rest of our life
and like the sun, shine through the long and chilling night!




62 thoughts on “The Long And Chilling Night

  1. Okay, I had to comment on this first!! So? Any answer yet? Did I miss anything? 😀
    the poem is just adorable!! Your heart beats lovely on the page. Shedding moonlight on you!

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      1. bahahaha! Yes, he apparently has hit jackpot! She better keep him. A wonderful soul he is. My best friend!! I am happy you two made acquaintance.

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  2. beautiful poem laying your heart within the flow of that river. Pledging love to another is always risky but it is worth it. Good muck Amit-I hope your muse hears and reciprocates your call!

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          1. Oh, my new friend…when it comes to love, there need not be pressure…just like your feelings, swimming in that river, it needs to be allowed respond from it’s own flow… we must be patient…:)

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            1. O yes, I have heard of your recent glowing success! I am truly fortunate to have the kind guidance of an efficient individual like you! I hope to be as patient as a pebble, as steadfast as a stone! 😀

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  3. Lol, it is another blogger who was also in love and that was kind of nice because when you like someone and relate to them through poetry you are happy to know they are happy. What I meant is with the two of you and your successful love stories that would be already two of you in blogworld that are blissfully happy 🙂

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      1. He is a fellow blogger whose page I look up and who had me started first on the forms in poetry (senryu and shadorma) and through him I got to know moonskittles (Dajena) and what the woman wrote (Annie) who allowed me to discover new poetry forms.

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  4. Lolvey Amit. Good luck. I hope she responds positively. I am looking forward and very excited for you. If all goes well with you and Thomas it will be like the beginning of spring in this WP arena 🙂

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