O, yes I wait for the waves’ return,    
like an ocean vessel caught on the reef,
if the tide does not come soon then the hull
would be torn to pieces, the sailor knows
still, he cannot do anything but pray
and hope the nightmares will go away!


So, yes I wait for the tide to return
like that hunting Orca stranded at the beach
must wait for the tyrannous reign of sand
to be toppled in the sudden flood of brine,
for its deliverance from the coarse grip,
to breathe and swim across the open sea!


But nightmares tend to stick around and
often the Orca dies stranded on the sand!




14 thoughts on “For The Waves’ Return

            1. that is an inspiration I ought to cherish through the rest of my life… see, with the Queen’s power and prowess over the dark and light squares all around, a king’s fate is mostly in her hands, no?

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