Taking up the pen in my trepid hand,
I etch the whirlpool of raw emotions,
swirling through my mind but the page remains
unscathed save a few scratches, here and there!


Perhaps the ink has run dry at long last,
like an artery that has lost the heart,
no throbbing or pulsating from behind,
like a river stopped by the winter’s wind!


Well, there is no one else to blame but me,
was it not I who gambled with my Poetry!
So, my Muse with a broken heart did leave,
what we want is the thing we ought to give!


None can hurt me unless I let them to
you cannot fill a cup, which is already full!




38 thoughts on “A Lament

  1. At least you took the risk and while it has not proved fruitful in a way you hoped, at least you know, and it is from this position that you will rise-up, once again, in your quest for love. For you are right: you can’t add to what is already filled/ Beautifully and achingly written, my friend.

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      1. Your words humble me, this morning, my friend…I am most happy to read your words…when the world stops becoming beautiful it will be time to close my eyes for good…Happy Sunday to you, Amit!

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  2. Very true, none can hurt you until you let them and none can deprive you from your art if you don’t allow it to happen. A poetic muse will sulk if you forsake her for a time or promise to abandon her for the sake of other muses but she will never abandon one whose heart is set on poetry and who makes amends by writing and appealing to her flow. Beautiful poem Amit. Be well.

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      1. Thanks for the faith. My kids would be rolling their eyes up to the sky hearing that as they hear it too often from people around us and they have a slightly different opinion on what I have a fountain of. They call me the endless debate lady because when they do something wrong they don’t regret it because of any punishment but because of the long monologue they get from me about right and wrong and if they chip in it lasts much longer so they usually suffer through it almost quietly 😀 . I have to say they are good kids though and rarely do anything bad 😀

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        1. hahahahahaha…. the motherly monologues…. I daresay a more appropriate term might be lady of the dialectics …. I think you do that in order to instill your virtues in them… the fountain of kindness is but one of those virtues… and you ought to be a happy mother then with such lovely children!

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