Perhaps I was not made in pairs!
Perhaps God is saving me for Himself!
Perhaps it is nothing but destiny,
which I could override if it was preordained!
As I let my life fade away,
the blood from my veins renders the world red,
with dreams, too fanciful but unrequited,
scattering rebel sparks around the universe!
Am I the lost city of Atlantis,
gone forever from the world of senses,
though still alive in remembrance,
in words and sparse thoughts, in sunrise and summer wind,
when Poseidon, the trident wielding god of sea,
rose up in roars from the ocean’s depth and drowned me?



66 thoughts on “Atlantis

  1. WOW!! Atlantis, waiting to be found.
    I always stand in admiration of the way you view Mythology and Legends, and how you weave them skillfully through the fabric of life and who we are.

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  2. wow why have I not stumbled upon your blog before? My life has been all the poorer for it. Love the dramatic design of your site (I love the color red). The whole poem is epic and fantastic but that middle stanza is lyric gold my new friend.
    “with dreams, too fanciful but unrequited,
    scattering rebel sparks around the universe!” — what an image that is! It tantalized the imagination. I wish I wasn’t at work. This is sparking ideas. 🙂

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                    1. yes a new story begins with each of my poem but are they not all parts of a greater story too? Although Eliot refuted his claim in the later stages of his life but I concur with his earlier claim that all of us are merely expressing different facets of the same great story, of humanity.

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                    2. I loved it …. the trilogy … could not get my hands on his another piece “Best Served Cold” … I have tried audiobooks of the antiquity from … it has been a new and pleasant experience for me.

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                    3. he might have I was thinking of an article I read recently that talked about how black holes do emit something–I can’t recall what that something is, but from their emission, the spin state and mass of a given object that fell in could be arrived at by some truly hellacious math. It was in Nature the article….

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