I’m torn asunder in between
precious Liberty and prized Servitude!
Each of them is busy trying hard to bring
my heart under their potent spells!

On my right hand stoops Servitude,
prim and proper but in a borrowed suit,
alluring me with all his glitters, vain!
So should I be a slave again?

But Liberty stands on my left
uncouth and so unaware of himself,
with no redundant lure or extra charms,
still I’m drawn to his open arms! 

I do not know to whom I should belong,
to them both or to Liberty alone?



33 thoughts on “Servitude or Liberty?

  1. A conundrum that plagues many of us at different points in our lives. On one hand, it is great to serve in the name of love or in humanity. On the other hand, it is good to have one’s freedom. I would choose freedom, then at least I could choose a live of servitude if that is what my heart desired. A thought provoking write, my friend.

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    1. I agree and I would add that I love the way you personified both Liberty and Servitude. It’s not the standard image you sketched and realized, you imbued each with new dimensions that make each uncomfortable and hard to choose between because none of them fits the unique qualities of the speaker of the poem 🙂

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