I want your love but I won’t demand it
You can’t hurry love, only fools rush in
And so I will bide my time patiently
For I know someday my love will be free!

Wish you could see how you have captured me
Twirled me along your little svelte fingers
Without even knowing how you do it
I’m a lovelorn poet and you know it!

But worry not my dearly beloved
I shall never impose my love on you,
Love is free, love comes when you do not try
If you don’t feel love for me, I won’t cry!

I set you free, to love you I was born
Selfless is my love, like that of the sun!




26 thoughts on “My Love Is Like The Sun

  1. Apparent change in style, diction and motifs here. Brilliant attempt at metamorphosis. A fresh depature from your regular form while retaining your regular form. Good going!

    Liked by 3 people

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