Am I man or woman, I do not know!
What is being man or woman can you show,
beyond the texture of human skin, beneath
the swell and curve of their anatomies,
past the different chemistry of blood,
stripped off the memes of evolution?

I am Tiresias, the blind and poor sage,
a moth eaten man with wrinkled female breasts,
I have fought at Thebes, the city of the dead,
and made love to carbuncular men on my bed!

No, I am no more bound by stereotypes
of gender, transcended a long time ago,
So, I dub myself a transgender in this life
without afflicting any harm to my ego!   




24 thoughts on “A Transgender

  1. I think, that it is only either students of literature, or poets, who would turn the politics of gender into a choice of philosophical/spiritual upliftment/empowerment. But indeed, what a way to say, that under the skin, all persons are alike! Unfortunately, however, such a point of view, while more acceptable to the feminine half of the populace, would not yet do anything but impale the egos of the male half. It is still alright to be a tomboy, but not to be effeminate. The aspirations are still to be equal to the male, rather than to find a balance or even an equality between the male and the female.
    This poem, is therefore, ahead of it’s time.

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    1. what an honor! I am humbled! but my writings have often been dubbed effeminate and that came to me as compliments, for being a male writer obtaining the female perspectives were more challenging for me. if the aspiration remains to be equal to males (as if males are higher beings!) it can at best beget some kind of female chauvinism… 😀 and if I am allowed to employ my poetic license, I wish there was a law prohibiting homo sapiens from claiming either womanhood or manhood unless they prove to be human beings first. 😀

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      1. Haha! Female chauvanism! There’s a lot of that going around already! I can’t say much about others’ perspectives, but for myself, I’ve always taken a text at it’s own worth, not as a reflection of it’s creator. One draws on ones’s experiences and past for inspiration, that is true, but the experiences of a body in a circumstance have more meaning than it’s gender. As for being human beings, I’m sure the world, as it is today, would find a way to politicize that too, though it really should be a compulsory characteristic for everyone. 🙂

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              1. You would not believe how few people there are who appreciate such a fault. It’s like they actually do prefer to have their faults pointed out to them! I fail to understand why people cannot be happy with themselves. Self-improvement is a good goal, but not if it makes one unhappy.
                But, yes, I don’t let that stop me from continuing as I have begun. Why stop for the rumbling clouds, when the plants I water are happy? That is my perspective. 🙂

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  2. Sorry, i hit the send button accidentally before i could cimplete my comment.. And so to further my inference, your poems have an effeminate quality which in my opinion is a quality rarely seen. So all in all, a truly fantastic piece of writing with well chosen words woven just brilliantly. Salut! May the force always be with you.

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  3. The repeated reference to Tiberius in your poems leads me to deduce that you may indeed be a transgender. Not in the stereotypical sense of the word, mind you! Rather in the sense of the concept called “Ardhnarishwar” in Hindu mythology which is also one of the many names of Lord Shiva. The perfrct amalgamation of male and female elements.

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