Though it might seem rather out of context, let me take the posting of this piece as an opportunity to wish all my fellow Indian bloggers in WordPress, a prosperous Republic Day!


I’m the supreme sovereign of my words,
the sole strategist, architect and CEO!

I am only what my words paint me as –
a traitor if my words speak of treason,
a heretic if they have heresies
but I know they have nothing but the truth
So I am, if you truly want to look,
more akin to Socrates, a gadfly!

You are my love, my sacred guest and beloved,
so come with a strand of rose if you must,
not with wrinkled scissors that belies your age
for these words are the beacons that I trust!

So in my realms you are regally registered,
until my art finds you guilty of a coup d’état!




14 thoughts on “Freedom of Expression: A Disclaimer

    1. thank you my friend but i am not an Indian, I come from the neighboring little country, Bangladesh. We are kind of lodged in between the western and eastern part of India, courtesy of Sir Radcliffe the Shrewd.

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