My heart bled like a melting sheet of ice,
as Spring encroached over the wilderness,
thawing the frozen rivers back to life
but I felt like the fading winter days!
Perhaps the ruthless chill had kept me warm,
by feeding me just enough to survive
but in Spring my dreams did grow back and thrived
to melt down and head again for the sea!

Then I thought I had vowed to be the sun
(and all it ever truly did was burn,
even when absurd human thoughts had claimed
that it revolved around the earthly plains),
despite seeing how often human fears were unleashed,
whenever the humble sun was, by shadows, eclipsed!



25 thoughts on “Spring And The Sun

  1. When I was reading through your poems, only one momentary regret was subsiding in me, ” I hope one day even He starts following my blog”
    I was still sinking in awe of the poems, and then the notification popped up…Amit Rahman is following your blog… I am honoured and flattered you did that! Thank you Sir! And words are Just mere compliments for your poems..They are Beautiful!

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  2. But dont you see, if the poet cannot burn in his/her emotions, the reader will never feel the warmth of those words. We burn therefore we are! Burn away, Poet! Let thee light shine through the eclipses.

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  3. Upon reading this, the word Primordial popped into my head…connecting and disconnecting with Creation and trying to understand…or not? where you “are” right now…I feel the grey matter tingling once more!

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      1. Ah that’s where tautology comes in and yes, we often end up falling into the same pothole even when we are aware that it is there. Ah cyclical repetition…it takes great discipline to walk another path…

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