Dedicated to Nandita


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
I love thee like the Heaven’s gracious lights
love to nourish us through the length of days
and as the soothing darkness of the night
cherish the sweet drops of dew from above!

I love thee too like the babbling streams’ flow
love the blue fragrance of the seas, ahead
and like the blooms of Spring in breathless glow
when taken by the wings on pollen beds!

I love thee too like pure souls love the truth,
like the way philosophers seek Sophia
and more than Newton loved his Principia!

Thou has given me the purpose of life
and ’tis through loving thee that I survive!



24 thoughts on “How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 209)

  1. My regards to your friend Annie who, like you, is magnanimous in her compliments. The muse is only as big as the artist. It’s the Muse of Poetry who blesses us all. Wish you well!

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  2. This is actually better than Elizabeth Browning’s ‘How do I love thee’ from where I suppose you have borrowed the title.
    Over and over again, you have relentlessly written for/on me. Quite frankly, I’m baffled at your perseverance and you have rendered me speechless.
    It’s a truly beautiful poem, one that is capable of causing ripples on the smooth surface without an external force.
    At the cost of sounding vain, I can’t help relating to something I read somewhere that said “when sleeping women move mountains”
    In gratitude I ask, “How do I thank thee”?

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    1. 😀 yes I borrowed the title from there… I did not have the privilege to read the piece you alluded to but I hope you will not be offended if I offer a second line to that,

      When sleeping women move mountains,
      Imagine what a sparkling Muse can do!

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    1. I always have trouble finding the blushing emoticon… and I think it is just a plain dedication to someone gorgeous… but in any case I should not be held responsible for imposing my thoughts. thanks a lot!

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