*Stereotypes are like plagues on humankind. Earlier today as I was reading the poem, Breaking Stereotypes by Manan Unleashed, an idea dawned on me that there should be a series on this issue. So here is my contribution to the movement against stereotypes. I would also like to humbly urge my readers, most of whom are esteemed poets in their own rights, to contribute to this movement by extending the series. My gratitude to all of you!


Do not come to me with a formulating gaze,
for I shall uproot such eyes from your face, I swear!
Nor label me without the slightest care to know
my plights beneath this cloak you have forced me to wear!

Do not come to me and preach about religion,
name but one made for the fowls and fauns of the wild,
so become a human first in your mind and heart,
to embrace the theologies meant for humankind!

Nor ever, if you are not a human being first,
you should dare claim to be a woman or a man
for mark my gravest words that you are neither one
but a mere lump of meat without a vertebrae!

Go and shade your taboo gaze some place far away,
for I have come to send them labels to their urns of clay!




4 thoughts on “Breaking Stereotypes – 1*

  1. This is outrageously brilliant! I never imagined my humble attempt would strike inspiration in a poet as good as you. This sounds like the beginning of a poetic revolution against taboos. And you took my mediocre poem to a great new height altogether. Feels great. Thank you!

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    1. well, this is a paradox… if you concur with my statement that I was inspired by your piece, you cannot claim the inspiring one is less illustrious than the inspired one. So either this is mediocre too or yours is at least as good as this one, no? think of a portrait painter’s works. what you have said was like claiming the subject in one of his true portraits was more beautiful than the face it portrayed. I hope my arguments do not sound too far fetched. As I have said on your post, let us spread the movement against stereotypes as much as we can!

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