Once I tried to tame the nomad within my blood,
little did I know, Fate had a pitying smirk for me
on her stoic face but I, a gambler too, the kind
that played with a smirk of their own at ruthless life,
had become too well versed in losing all by then!

No, I did not cry, not with visible tears at least,
rather felt like a cloud which had outwept its rain,
heading back to its equatorial home, the sea
to become darker and swollen with mist again
and retrace another route to a thunderstorm!

Can a compulsive nomad ever build a home,
be it with four walls or around another soul,
lady Fate’s own wanderer, who has always been
a loner walking on the lonely path of life!

Once I tried to send my dreams to a mountain top,
covered with cherry blossoms as soft as the mist
in gradient of colors from white to mauve and pink,
little did I know, lady Fate had her own plans too
for turning me into a symbol made of stone!

One cannot hope to petrify a vagabond,
and have I not become a name, though it cursed be,
for always roaming with an ever hungry heart
to follow lady Fate like a sinking star beyond
the western sky, the utmost bound of human thoughts!

Despite the cool, windy comfort of an oasis,
a Bedouin has to return to the desert sands,
his love was for the pleasant shadows soothing him
but he belonged there, out on the blistering land!

So I raised my hands in submission and resigned,
claiming the duality of Sekhmet and Bastet as mine!*



*Sekhmet and Bastet are ancient Egyptian goddesses.



20 thoughts on “Lady Fate

  1. This is wonderful, Amit…I love it! I like to “intone” poems by reading them in my brain…whispering…and the meter and rhyming is SO vital to enjoying poetry… and adore those Egyptian goddesses! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So many lovely bits within this masterly work…i love the cloud that had outwept it’s rain. So much to think on here. Are we not all nomads deep down, ever restless and fretful and to “settle down” is contrary to our very existence?

    Liked by 2 people

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