With a roaring laughter
whose din shall pierce the sky
and the Angels’
emerald abode, perched up there
my swollen heart
shall set itself aflame tonight!

With the mirror shattered
into countless pieces,
across the crimson, infant puddle
of dripping blood,
the seething eyes
could no more stare back at my face!

So with sulfur venom
in my breath, I revolt
against the moisture in my dreams,
whispers and thoughts!




16 thoughts on “A Venomous Laughter

  1. This somehow reminded me of the way “The Fountainhead” begins. The poet’s laughter reverberates across all three realms and even the celestial bodies are cowering in fear, lest they invoke the wrath of this demigod-like being. Thats the imagery it created in my head.
    At the same time, it has a tinge of melancholy that could perhaps be missed under the garb of anger.
    Replete with passive aggression, dark to the core. But extremely intense and power-packed.

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