This is the irony of love for me,
when we are in love with another soul,
unless that soul is free from all the chains
of desire, no soul is worthy enough
to be loved on its own, rather it is
our love that turns a human soul divine
and worthy of love that stems from a human mind!

On the other hand if a soul is free
from the manacles of desire, we can
love it forever but can never own,
for true love is not possessed, it belongs!

At one end of the spectrum we have all but love,
while at the other, nothing except it
and if we have doubts, it will never be enough!




23 thoughts on “The Irony of Love

  1. We have a phrase in Albania which says: we love someone, others love us, and we marry someone else. 🙂 – and of course it does not happen always. 🙂

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