The ancient rope maker’s wife is in love with me,
so am I with her for more than a decade now.
Earlier it was the earthly dragon’s fume,
as the mighty being sped across the sliver sky!

I have seen so many of my friends fall and die,
faring too close to the sun and their wings melting
like Icarus before spiraling down
into the depthless ocean of despair below.

I tried that too, in a vain effort to witness
how much heat would it take to melt the wax
that holds together my fanciful wings and life
but I found myself weakened by the force of space and time!

So I am back on the ground scorned before, perchance
to save the sparks and kill the winds in an eternal dance!




8 thoughts on “An Elementary Riddle

  1. Perchance back on the ground wiser? I love the reference to Icarus and all the imagery accompanying it…well written. That topic Love again and St Valentine’s day tomorrow too… ! Tis a topic for all eternity…!

    Liked by 1 person

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