But what if I said, “No, it is not just your poems
I admire, it is you in your entirety!”
instead of the silence I sent your way,
what would you have done or said in reply?

Perhaps such shocks have grown too mundane already
for one as elegant and full of charms as you
and bards like me roam the world in millions,
so would you have swallowed hard and unfollowed me?

I have seen you when moonlight rained down from the sky
glowing like a camellia or an eglantine,
the way you paled a rogue dawn with your blush
and the Sun’s golden hue with a spark of your smile!

But it’s better to leave some doubts unanswered for
and some others yet, unquestioned, forevermore!




21 thoughts on “A Phantom’s Love

  1. ….blessed is the head , heart and hand that worked in perfect harmony to write something so eloquent that it leaves the heart wanting to hear more 🙂 and truly blessed is the one who inspired such words . This is divine , simply divine ,

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  2. Oh my! This is just too beautiful Amit! I absolutely loved the contrast you have brought in the poem. The juxtaposition of the two forces and the open book – heart that is ready to be read.

    -Dajena 🙂

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