Watch and Listen to a Reading of the Poem by me.

How far is far enough
and how long, too long already?
What is to be in love
for the puppeteer Destiny?

Is numbness a comfort
when your life starts to fall apart,
with no center to hold
or love to soothe your bleeding heart?

I have waged war
against my fate and lost
but not without
a precious lesson learned,
it is wiser
to hang onto things we have got
even when
life has left us too broken and burned!



35 thoughts on “How Far Is Far Enough?

          1. No oops needed my friend, tis a very busy creative conglomeration this WordPress… How do you keep up with all the new posts and write your own at the same time? Phew… Not like the good olde days, paper pen and dictionary and thesaurus 📝📖📚🖋 and only those in your immediate circle knew about your writing!

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              1. … Different times my friend and I grew up before computers. Forgive me, I would never imply that the WordPress fraternity is not close… It has and is giving me great encouragement such as would not have been possible without it. It is the balancing of usage of Time that is so very tricky…Just so very different to how it was. You have youth and innovation on your side my friend. 😀 Bon chance be yours!

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